Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Painting Progress

Among many, many other things, here is what has been keeping the Beo-Mia-Sprout-Bird family crazy busy lately. Before and after for your oohing-aahing pleasure! Not the exact same angles, and the pictures aren't the best--but you get the idea. Please excuse the mess which seems to be perpetual around here during project time.
Here is the living room before and after. "Clary Sage"

Dining Room before and after:

Last night the burgundy was SO red ("Slaughterhouse Red" and we got through the long night making jokes about how we would tell people that it was actually a symbolic political statement for various things...we were tired and inhaling paint fumes and it was funny at the time... We like it a lot now. Very warm and romantic. The color is Martha Stewart's "Velvet Red".

The kitchen will go gold, and my idea is to have these stripeys transitioning between the two. They turned out a little rough. Do you think it will work? Can I do it and call it rustic?

The transition (needs some touching up):

Suddenly my paintings don't look so hot against these colors. I think they're going to have to go. I have no idea when I would gather the creative energies and find the time to do ones that would work okay. We are probably going to do everything with black frames in the dining room now. I don't know if I will put back up the family photo collage or not.

The burgundy was too dark, but all of other colors are Sherwin Williams "Harmony" paint, an eco-friendly 0 VOC paint. We are very impressed with it. We are going to take a break before tackling the kitchen, which is all cabinets, and the kids rooms. It has been challenging having wet paint everywhere with two dogs and two toddlers. It's feeling much more like a home though!


Suzer said...

The burgandy looks fantastic! We have a lovely deep red in our family room and I think it makes it so cozy! Good luck tackling the rest of your rooms.

e4 said...

It takes guts to go with a big color like red for your walls. Our last house had brick red on one wall behind the fireplace. We wouldn't have ever picked it, but it looked great.

Yours looks great. I love the green too. I keep looking for some room in our house to paint a nice green like that one.