Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fiddlehead Fabulosity

Earlier this week I heard an interview with a local, seasonal, slow-food enthusiast. He was singing the praises of the foods that could be foraged locally in this burst of Spring weather. One of the things he mentioned was fiddlehead ferns, so when I saw a package at Whole Foods last night, I snatched them up. I was a bit intimidated by them, but I took it as a challenge to my culinary ingenuity. I found a recipe published in Mother Earth News, by "A Taste of The Mountains" cooking school. After a thorough cleaning the recipe instructed how to lightly sautee the fern heads in olive and sesame oils, with a touch of freshly ground corriander and honey. (If you use this recipe, I'd recommend going light on the pepper at the end.) They were perfectly delightful served over a bed of linguine tossed with a bit of butter and salt. They reminded me very much of asparagus, but with an undertone of earthier flavor. If you have the chance to try this ephemeral Spring delicacy of the Earth, I'd highly advise you to do so. Bon appetite!