Friday, May 12, 2006

Organic Standards

I learned today that the USDA is considering fudging with organic standards again. Beo and I volunteered with Organic Valley when the USDA was originally considering creating a USDA Organic standard. We believe strongly that it is important to know what "Organic" really means, especially when "Organic" is supposed to be upholding many of your ethical beliefs and allaying health concerns. One of the measures that the USDA is now considering would make it easier for conventional dairy farms to become "organic" for short periods of time. This questions the integrity of the "organic" label which we currently count on. Of course the USDA is considering public comment--for a ridiculously short period. The comment period ends today. If you believe in maintaining the integrity of the organic system, please comment today. Go to --they'll make it easy for you!

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e4 said...


Next are they going to change the meaning of "Fat Free" to be "Contains less than 15% fat"?

Thanks for the heads-up