Sunday, May 28, 2006

Breakfast Girl

*For the sensitive, a disclaimer: This post contains a meat reference, but in a reformation story, so it's all good.*

I am a breakfast girl. I love it. Breakfast buffets were my favorite treat long ago and far away. My biggest splurge, which we would do for Mother's Day or my Birthday, was to go to the Sunday Breakfast Buffet at The Machine Shed. Cheesy hashbrown casserole, freshly made belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, and...yes...bacon. Even when eating meat was a rarity for us, I still enjoyed the bacon there, relatively guilt free. Now that we've become strict vegetarians and are really watching our health, The Machine Shed is no longer an option. I joked about how when I got to my Weight Watchers goal, I wanted to go do the breakfast buffet and eat whatever I wanted. The truth is that my conscience would never allow me to enjoy that. So with my goal rapidly approaching, I decided that this morning I would do my favorites at home. I made whole grain waffles, veggie bac'n, and fat-free hashbrowns. We topped our waffles with organic strawberries and organic whipped cream. Not only was it exponentially better for our health--both physical and mental (I think it was probably at least 1/4 of the fat and calories), but the entire meal cost us at most $10 for all of us. Eating out would have been about $50. Sure, I had to do the work and there's a bit of cleaning to be done, but it's definitely worth it! We'll continue the theme today with a Memorial Day cookout. Our guests will be treated to veggie bac'n veggie burgers with organic cheese on a whole grain organic bun, herbed organic potato salad, and angel food cupcakes. Life is good.

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e4 said...

Your blog is making me hungry. That sounds like quite a breakfast!