Friday, March 14, 2008


I am a reusable bag freak. I just love all of the different styles and options. I have to be careful not to undo the good of reusing bags by buying too many sustainable bags! We've all seen the string bags, recycled plastic bags, and insulated bags out there. But can reusing bags be chic? Oh yes, yes indeed. If you want to go a bit more chic with your reusable bags than the inside out plastic bag with "Reusable Bag" markered in (which I still love), ehere's another option. I came across these incredible bags at a great little shop in Madison on State Street: Pop Deluxe. These bags are theoretically easy to roll up (I confess, I haven't tried yet) ala those little umbrellas, and stow away in your purse/car/backpack. The material is very much like those lightweight umbrellas--a polyester fabric. Don't want to go polyester? Spend the money on their new Organic line, made from either a bamboo, linen, or hemp blend. The Envirosax Website explains that the company was started by a family in Australia, which lives sustainably on their bit of Queensland. Their green living includes use of a solar water heater, rainwater tanks for their garden and orchard, and recycling sewage system. While the bags are made in China, the company assures that fair trade standards are met at their factories. These little lightweight bags are designed to hold the same amount as two shopping bags. Checking out the site,I found that they have a new line for kids, to encourage them to get into the reusable bag habit as well. Yeah, I can support this company! Sprout would love these cool bags to tote his snowpants back and forth to school, stow his show-and-tell in, and Bird will sock away her many treasures. These are a great way to call attention to the fact that "Green is the new Black". Check them out! Choose your favorite one of save a bit of money and stock up by buying a series. Right now they're even offering a shower timer with full-series orders, so you can have some help saving water too. This is a super fun way to be green.


Maria Duncan said...

What is the name of the store on State Street? I got one for Christmas as a gift and love it so much, I've been looking to purchase some as gifts.

Mia said...

I'm glad you asked! I assure you I didn't leave it out on purpose--I was trying to find the name. It's Pop Deluxe, and their website is I'll edit my original post to show that! :)

Jen said...

I think I need an eye exam...I thought your title said ENVIROSEX when I saw it on my Google reader!
I am obsessed with reusable bags, too. I need to stop but I just can't. I don't come close to using them all when I go shopping.
Right now I'm knitting reusable bags out of disposable plastic shopping bags, it's really fun but my husband makes fun of me. "You're making bags...out of bags?" Um, yeah.

Mia said...

Ha! Please don't get an eye exam. That was hilarious. I know there are guides to greener bedrooms out there--but you're probably not going to find them here. Sorry! ;)

I figure if I stock up on enough bags I'll have enough in each vehicle and each of my purses/totes that even when I forget to put one I've used back, there will still be one in there! I love that you're doing the knit-bag bags. I'm going to have to try one at some point.