Monday, March 17, 2008


My daughter, she is ebullient. Bird has always been a spirited child, but she just never ceases to amaze me. With the spring thaw, her spirits have been rising with each inch of grass that's revealed degree by degree. For days now, she'll point out the window saying "Look, look!" as if there was some incredible wonder out our own back door. When we ask what she sees, she says: "Grass!", and she's truly thrilled, just glowing.

The other day, she heard an NPR DJ say "Obama", and said: "Mommy, they said Obama!" and I said: "Who is Obama?" Bird started singing "Yes-we-can, Yes-we-can, oh Yes-we-can!" So I asked her, "We can what?" She stopped and said she didn't know, so I told her that that song about Obama was saying that Yes, we can make the world a better place. Well that just set her off into her own version:

Yes-we-can make the world a better place! Yes-we-can give food to puppies and kitties! Yes-we-can make the wars stop and the soldiers stop fighting! Yes-we-can see a robin because it's almost spring! Yes-we-can stop global warming! Yes-we-can turn off lights to help!

How can you not just adore this kid? You can't not adore her, that's all there is too it. She is just full of joy and love, and is all about spreading it around. You rarely see this kid without a smile on her face. Just now, I hear her saying: "Wow, this is so amazing! This is just SO beautiful..." so I peek in her room, and she's looking out the window. "What is it, Bird?", I asked. "The world." said she.

We could all learn a lesson from my Bird. I know I'm blessed to have the opportunity every day.


Jen said...

What a lovely girl! You are a lucky Mama!

spelled with a K said...

I never really liked kids till I got one of my own. Our daughter's class was learning about plants and they started bean seeds. After the unit was done they were allowed to take the plants home, most kids opted out, but she brought home two. I got a future gardener! And you've got a future ecologist!

Mia said...

I really am lucky. Kids are so cool. We have a grow window that the kids planted bean and pea seeds in and are oohing and aahing over. Their sense of wonder is awesome. I mean, really. This morning Bird told me that she's going to be a veterinarian and an astronaut...and a firefighter and a scientist...and a National Geographic Explorer. Good plan for a 4 year old I think. She's got her career path mapped out.

Bryan said...

On a day where we three (me and two kids) are all as mad as hell and we can't take it anymore, how refreshing to be reminded that, just like you, "I really am lucky. Kids are so cool". Thanks for that.

Mia said...

You're most welcome. And don't doubt that we have those days too. But the bright spots help even things out, so I'm trying to make more note of those.

Pat Leuchtman said...

a lovely post. A reminder to us mamas and grandmamas to encourage the joy, celebrate with the child and laugh and sing a lot. together.