Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Curry Nights

Winter has finally gotten some bluster to it, and it's been cold and snowy. Last night I decided that after weeks of having soup as our staple, it was time for a good curry. Curry in winter is comfort food akin to the Tian that is Beo's favorite-savory, rich, and nourishing. Since it's relatively new to my foodie repetoire, I hadn't thought of this before. I also realized that a curry is a great frugal dish for using up the last of those veggies too. A curry can take in almost anything and meld it through the wonderful array of spices that seep into the tomato "gravy". Last night's curry included cauliflower. I've been buying big heads of cauliflower and using half to make Tian, then blanching and freezing the rest. In addition, I used the last of some fresh spinach, and a can of chick peas. Instead of brown rice, I served it with whole wheat cous cous, of which we had an overstock in the pantry. Beo and I both agreed that the cous cous was probably better than rice, really soaking up all of the wonderful juices and not interfering with the just-right texture of the curry. If you feel like cooking up a curry with what you have on hand tonight, but don't know how see my original post on making a gravy curry. Enjoy!

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fahrenheit said...

Looks absolutely delicious!