Thursday, June 01, 2006


Another aspect of my "Stop Whining, Start Doing" mentality has been taking up the tasks that were previously unthinkable to me. This includes getting out my oil paints. In particular, one of my paintings just clashed horribly with our new, soft sage look in the living room. I knew it was bad when Beo didn't even hang it back up on the wall. I don't think this was anyone's favorite piece that I've ever done. I painted it in the basement in our old house, when I got my paints out to do a few fun pieces for the kids rooms. That was a brief period of artistic inspiration until I realized I was using a fume-intensive medium about 6 feet away from our gas water heater. I finished up the kids pieces in the garage, and my paints have been stashed away since then. When I was cleaning up recently, I was ready to put the former living room piece in the basement. I thought: "I'll get around to repainting it someday." Then the voice kicked in and I hauled it out to the garage instead. The next nap time that the kids both actually napped, I started on it. It took two nap times and a weekend, but I got it done. It's different than the kinds of things I normally do, but I like the general feel of it. We'll see how it does once it dries and takes it's place up on the wall. Regardless, it was good to have brush to canvas again.

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Maddy Avena said...

I love this flower piece! You are a woman of many talents.....on to read the Alaska tales :-)