Friday, June 02, 2006


We got our "foster", Ruben, back last night. This is the foster dog that we fell in love with. He had an appointment with a potential adopter, and Beo and I resolved that if the adopter didn't select him, we would go ahead and adopt him ourselves. Well the adopter chose him, but couldn't take him for a month. Ru went to a different foster home. We didn't want to keep him that long and continue to get attached to him. We figured it would be hard on him, and on the kids too. Lo and behold, the adopter changed his mind. Bird told me one morning that she had a dream that Ruben and Kamey were together again. That afternoon I got an e-mail that Ruben was available for adoption again, and would we mind houndsitting him this weekend? We readily agreed, and if all goes well we will more than likely adopt him. So far, so good! Kamey is so happy with another hound around. Kamey is the darker brindle. Ru is the opposite, lighter brindle with solid blue color. Aren't they lovely together? :) The one of Kamey in the car she is with our 13.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Cody. Our adoption group is Greyhound Pets of America if you want more information about Greyhounds.

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e4 said...

I love happy endings.

Hopefully we can get a dog some day. I think it would probably put our 19-year-old cat over the edge though. He's already having trouble with two toddlers.