Monday, January 28, 2008

More Ways to be Green

The Nature Conservancy is one of my favorite organizations. They have a realistic, dig-in-your-heels, practical approach to-you guesssed it-conserving nature. Back when I visited my sister in Door County, she was doing scientific work with endangered dragonflies, in part on Nature Conservancy land. Now The Nature Conservancy has a new way to protect nature--encouraging "Everyday Environmentalism". Check out this new page, which gives some tried and true ways to be green, and other ways that you may not have thought of or heard of before. Have you thought about taking the stairs instead of elevators as an environmental choice? Do you clean your boots after you hike to prevent the spread of invasices? These ideas come from TNC's own staff as well as some of the top eco-bloggers out there. What's even better is that they want your ideas too. So check out the page and get some new ideas for ways to go even greener than you already are, then echo your own back to TNC.


Juneau Eco Mommie said...

What a bad teacher I am, I mean Nature Conservancy website. I need some good yoga time to clear my mind. Sorry!

Green Bean said...

Nature Conservancy is great but, honestly, I wish I could get them to stop sending me junk mail. I've Green Dimed them, called them and been able to get through, emailed and asked to be removed and I've now resorted to sending their donation requests back to them with a handwritten request to be removed. Ho Hum.