Monday, September 25, 2006

Just a Fly-By

I am in for one evening in a very busy week. Last week we did a day in Chicago, visiting a Veggie Board friend, the Shedd Aquarium, and dear friends whom we haven't seen for far too long! The next day we were off to Lake Geneva to visit the in-laws, and did some insect collecting for my sister (The Biologist, not the Vulcanologist. Gotta love the Science!). The following day we headed to South Dakota. Yesterday we went to Omaha and back with my family, visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo. We got back home today, and I leave tomorrow morning for a statewide interfaith conference. I don't think I've travelled this much since the days of Beo and my crazy road trips. At least 24 hours on the road this week so far, and I'm on to add 7 more in the next couple days. Thanks to everyone for keeping up with my blog. I love seeing my visitors from far and wide (check out the map at the bottom of the page!), and hope you all enjoy my posts, though they're sometimes few and far between. I have a post or two in store once I'm able to settle back into home.


Harmonia said...

Hi! Nice place you have here! Mind if I link you and visit often? I'm over at: incase you have time to bop over. Have a great day!

Suzer said...

I had to giggle because when you typed Vulcanologist I immediately thought of Spock, from Star Trek. Then I had laugh out loud at the idea of studying him. Hope all your travels go well and you can settle down again soon.

Mia said...

Vulcanology, volcanology, tomatoe, tomato. ;)

Harmonia, welcome! Absolutely, be my guest. Thanks for stopping by.