Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eco Fashion

So many things to talk about, so little time to share! I've been experimenting more with new styles and methods of cooking, and really having fun with it. A later post will give more detail. The weather has been great so I've been in the garden beds a lot too. More to follow on that as well. This weekend has been rainy and I'm within 5 pounds of my goal weight on Weight Watchers, so I've spent some time cleaning out the closet and trying to collect a new, simpler wardrobe for myself. I certainly don't need to replace all of the clothes that I'm getting rid of. My shopping addiction encompassed my own clothes to a lesser extent and I have plenty of "bargains" that I would never have bought full price, and thus didn't love, and didn't even necessarily fit. Now I'm focusing on buying only what I love, is comfortable, feel good about, look spectacular in. Part of feeling good about it means that it works with my moral conscience as well. This means a corporate responsibility on an environmental and social level. I have an in on some great companies already, but I've been researching into more.

I found two amazing companies that are a higher end, "designer" eco-fashion option. These are beyond my wardrobe boundaries for the most part, but I absolutely love them. I found out about them in an article about Barney's becoming more eco-conscious. They are Edun and Of The Earth. If I ever need to attend a runway show, I'll be picking up a piece or two.

A great resource for more everyday wear is checking out a wonderful organization, Organic Exchange. They have so many resources. There's a consumer guide in the links on the left hand side of the page that leads to a large list of companies that are integrating organic cotton into their products. Many of the companies use other eco-friendly fabrics and even incorporate sustainable energy and production into their manufacturing. For me, I ended up falling back to two things: Resale, and the tried and true, Patagonia.

I'm at a place where I would rather have one great, sturdy, well fitting organic outfit from Patagonia, than a passel of ill-fitting sweatshop pieces from Goodness-Knows-Where. No matter how "fashionable" they might be. Buying what makes my heart sing--in every aspect--will always be in fashion with me.


Lindsey said...

Here in Portland OR, a women's clothing exchange movement is gathering speed. Each of the exchanges is specific to a range of sizes, and meets once or twice a month. Participants clean out their closets, bring their cast-offs to share, and everyone goes home with new outfits. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to reinvigorate your wardrobe without spending a dime! If this sounds like something that might work in your community, you can read more about it at

e4 said...

Even beyond clothing, I'm starting to see the wisdom in buying products that will last a very long time. It's in my nature to look for a bargain, but as I get older, I'm learning that cheap things are cheap for a reason. We don't need disposable everything.

Good luck with your enhanced fashion sense.

Mia said...

I love the idea of the clothing swaps--that is such an amazing concept. There is nothing around me here, I don't think it would fly in our rural area, but I may check out the 'big city' and see what's happening there. Thanks for the idea!

e4--so true. It took me a long while to get that through my head.